Web or Desktop Application

Should your application be a web based solution or a desktop application?

Big Data and Dev Ops with Embedded Data

How can we use modern technologies that are being used for big data and dev ops to our advantage?

PyQtGraph or Matplotlib

Most people using Python to do any sort of plotting are typically pointed at Matplotlib. This graphical plotting suite is very power and reasonably straight forward to use, but it doesn’t seem to hold up well when it is put under load.

Hardware in the loop... What loop??

Continuous Integration with hardware

Continuous integration is not just something web developers do, there are many tools and processes that can be leveraged to make developing low level easier and faster.

What can Python do for you?

Why bother using Python when you already know C and C++ and can do everyting you need with your embedded system?

And SQL for all

SQL and databases are something that not many embedded systems developers like to play with. But database can be a very powerful tool when used proplerly. Often it can get the job done much easier than every engineer’s favorite tool… Excel!

No Hardware, No Problem

CAN Bus, Can do

If you are looking to communicate with other devices in an industrial network you have a few options.

Automate Production, Manual quality control is boring

Production can and should be automated anywhere possible. Pushing buttons and turning knobs and manually finding bootloader and calibration files is a waste of everyone’s time. Do it once and never do it wrong again!