So is embedded systems data considered big data? Typically “Big Data” is just a large amount of user or business data that is crunched to get more information or money out of your existing customers or business. This data can span Peta-bytes of storage and can be gathered from millions of sources.

But what about your you hardware? Could the data coming out of an embedded system be consider “Big Data”? Sure there is the Internet of Things, but we just want to look at a controller or 2. In my experience, a single device can easily generate more data than we know what to do with. While there may not be quite the large sampling of data sources that a distributed website/network may have, we do have very high speed data sources that we need to see and track in real-time. That could mean we would have sample rates of under 1ms. With around 100 sources at 1ms sample rate we can very quickly start to run into some of the similar issue you may see with “Big Data”.

Things like SQL start to become increasingly important as Excel will start to fall apart with these large growing data sources. Some things like a time series database (TSDB) may even be worth investigating.

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